Posted by Paul Weber


Secretary Dawn recently shared with me some of the membership ideas from our District and I think it's important that we all look take a good look at it.
Why “Getting New Members” needs to be the No. 1 Goal of all Rotary Clubs in our District!
Members frequently ask: “Why is it necessary to place so much emphasis on recruitment of new members?   We have a good club, and provide services to our community, surrounding area, our country and international causes.  Why can’t we just be happy and satisfied with our present membership?”
Unfortunately, these are comments from members of a club destined to die due to aging of members, members leaving (Attrition), lack of enthusiasm, too much contentment, purpose, and a real desire and objective to share and help others experience the power of Rotary.  Recruiting new members brings the following benefits to the Club!
Increased capacity to serve our community.  With 10 members, a club can do “X” number of projects.  With 50 members, a club can mathematically do “Y” (more) number of projects.   In reality, studies show that the greater the mass (members), the effectiveness is greater.
Fresh ideas, interests, and energy.  New members bring new ideas, concepts, and approaches based on their experience and knowledge which broadens the total knowledge base of the club and helps it better serve the community and mankind.
Diversity.  Diversity of ideas and experience broadens a Club’s ability to perform existing ideas better, as well as developing new ideas for service.
Future Leaders.  An ongoing recruitment program helps develop new leaders within the Club for future leadership roles—both within the Club and in their professions, community, and society.
Long term continuity of the club and the organization.  Perhaps the military is the best example of the need to constantly bring in new members.  Everyone ages each year, and it is critical that new members are added each year to have a constant-ongoing inflow of new talent and younger people to provide the initiative and youth (supported by the trained middle aged and experienced military) to maintain a thriving and growing organization.