On August 1st & 2nd, District Governor Blaine Johnson visited our club.   He met with the board of directors on August 1st and we exchanged ideas as well as letting him know what our club is up to.  You can view the visit as a way to showcase your club or you worry about how the District Governor is going to critique you.  I've been in on about 17 District Governor visits and I'm happy to say that with all of those meetings, we've had a chance to showcase our club and be proud of the many things that we're doing.
One of his goals this year is to make Rotary more family friendly and to do more family type activities.  He is working on making the district conference a place where families can come together and there's something for everyone.  If you heard him speak at our meeting, you know that he thinks outside of the box and is looking towards the future of Rotary.